The piano that embraces all the keys

For 7 years we have been playing with our customers the first spectrum of imagination in music, sound and image.. to jointly create art and digital solutions.

Web & Mobile

Present what you love to the world, & we’ll take care of the design and UX.


Images express themselves & always create a perspective in our consciousness

Video production

The widest space for creativity & offering high value in beautiful and simple way.

Digital marketing

It is not about your presence online, but how to be distinguished and effective.


Ideas are many & complex, but turning them into a map / visual will make it easier


Increase your company’s sales, be global,  & most importantly maintain your value

The A21-S dream started with the beginning of the year 2016. The theme of this dream was not from the world of abstract imagination, but from the reality of the labor market and the challenges it poses to business owners and startups in various sectors. The first challenge for us was to understand the world of entrepreneurship by working with institutions, organizations and entrepreneurs of different nationalities… to gain a deep understanding and gain the keys to today’s world.

Today, we are aware of the many challenges faced by companies in various sectors, and the difficulty of being distinguished and effective in the vast sea of ​​the Internet, so we try to work on keeping the A21 – Studio team small so that we are able to achieve the optimal equation between innovation and simplicity.

Human perception may be nature, but talent and understanding are among the achievements of today’s era, and in order to expand our sensory and creative perceptions within the framework of A21 – Studio, we seek to support content makers and creators from around the world with all our energies, and we are working on our own production, and this is what provides us with the wide space To gain more tools, knowledge and imagination.. We can summarize this creative chaos in the saying « The more you use what you have, the more you have to use it. »

The A21-Studio team has experiences in many different fields, but it flows in the same melody, from designing and building websites to managing and leading projects. This is what makes us more flexible and able to understand the needs of our customers.. It does not only involve implementation, but adoption and understanding of the project we are working on. And exchange professionally with the client to understand his needs, goals and concerns. And progress with solutions and a vision that serve the success of his company and the expansion of his business.

Our recent projects

Frédéric Chopin had the instruments and musical knowledge, but what made him Chopin was his high sensitivity, his harmony with the strings in front of him, and of course his desire for change.