Project Description

A21 - Studio 2

Material Design: The most widely used visual language in the world for more than 7 years.

So the question was how can we use the same language that everyone else uses.. and be able to create new identity.

A21 – G platform it is a mixture between classic art and street art, between a style that cares about geometric dimensions, depth and realism of color to produce a vibrant artwork.

And another brings the imagination to reality to create a more interconnected and beautiful world. The platform was built by mixing opposites, embodying our humanity.

A21 - Studio 13

Despite all this, there is still a more important problem related to the actual user experience and the way he deals with the platform.

Today’s world, although it is based on the visual aspects, nevertheless uses a lot and a lot of explanatory texts and tries to simplify the experience by providing a lot of information and instructions, but with the A21 – G It’s a little different… as work has been done to create visual layers that make up the larger canvas that embraces all the small details.

By providing information at a time when the user actually needs it. With this, the platform has become more intelligent and interactive, as it takes on the character of the customer, where he can customize his personal account in the way he desires, discover new talents, distant cultures, and enjoy the philosophy of each artwork. He can also read articles about art and art history through his personal account.

Today we are working to create more fun and knowledge, to restore art to its expressive origins and of course to everyone.

A21 - Studio 14
A21 - Studio 14
A21 - Studio 14
A21 - Studio 14
A21 - Studio 18
A21 - Studio 19